Providing Help Without The Hassle

  • Patcher is creating a new community in the automotive industry through a marketplace model connecting independent service providers with our drivers who need them. Check out the video to see how we will be 'Providing Help Without the Hassle'

How it all started?

On a cold winters day, Reu-el was driving back from work when she broke down on a small country road. With her small Volkswagen, Reu-el panicked not knowing what to do, after all it was cold and dark and she just wanted to get home. After calling her service provider, she was unable to get the help she needed without signing up and paying for a years' coverage up front, plus a joining fee! Feeling stressed out, tired and cold, Reu-el phoned her dad who contacted a local mechanic near her by searching his browser. With a speedy response, a man named Clayton came to the rescue and got Reu-el back on the road in no time, for a fraction of the cost. It was at this point Reu-el and Clayton came together to begin the first chapter of Patcher.

Join the Patcher Community today!

Join the Patcher Community today!

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